Amanda Black goes bald – Photo

Amanda Black goes bald

Amanda Black goes bald – Photo

Amanda Black amazed followers with her new look, as she didn’t just cut off her hair, but she went totally bald. Taking to Instagram, the singer says the new look signifies a fresh start and she’s proud to be a baldie.

Amanda called it an art and most of her followers gushed over the look, flooding her post with different reactions.

“The Art Of Starting Over: 2020 seems to be the year of shedding, letting go and starting a fresh. Yes I’m a baldie now,” she captioned photo.

Amanda also joins the list of SA musician who celebrated their Spotify result on how their music was on the streaming platform.Amanda Black

She had 2.2 million streams. 280.5k listeners in 88 countries, with a sum of 121.8k hours.

The singer was stunned and reacted with: “Sisuka kude. Siwa sivuka. Its not over till its over. Thank you all for the love!! 88 countries??!!”

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