All you need to know about eBucks Black Friday 2020

All you need to know about eBucks Black Friday 2020

All you need to know about eBucks Black Friday 2020

FNB has revealed its plans for its eBucks rewards programme over the Black Friday 2020 period, stating that it will offer great deals on tech and household products.

Addressing concerns raised by a number of MyBroadband readers regarding the lack of discounts made available at the beginning of the month, FNB confirmed that it will offer Black Friday savings this year.

This year is also the 20th anniversary of the eBucks rewards programme’s inception. We’re very excited to celebrate our eBucks’ 20th birthday with our customers this year,” said eBucks Rewards CEO Johan Moolman.

“Our customers will be able to save up to 40% on selected products in various categories, including tech, household, kitchen appliances, and domestic travel.”

Moolman said these deals will be published on the eBucks website as well as the FNB banking app from 20 November 2020.

“Since the inception of eBucks, our customers have received an additional R645 million of value in the form of discounts when spending eBucks,” Moolman said.

“Customers continue to enjoy discounts of up to 40% off on selected products at the eBucks Shop, as well as up to 40% off on flights and car hire through eBucks Travel.
Moolman noted that these discounts vary on a month-to-month and product basis.

No more eBucks with Makro
It should be noted that any eBucks Black Friday specials will not apply to purchases from Makro, as the bank’s partnership with the retailer came to an end on 1 November 2020.

“eBucks Rewards and Makro have taken a mutual decision to end their partnership as of 31st October 2020,” FNB said last month.

“From 1 November 2020, you will not be able to earn or spend eBucks at Makro.”

eBucks that have been earned will be allocated within the first two weeks of November 2020 for purchases made from Makro in October 2020.

Massmart senior vice president for group corporate affairs Brian Leroni provided additional information on why the partnership was halted.

“The eBucks partnership was discontinued because we were unable to agree on a way forward,” Leroni said.

He noted, however, that Makro has concluded a new rewards programme partnership and is expanding its existing ones.

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