Alick Macheso’s lover Petunia dies

Alick Macheso’s lover Petunia dies

Alick Macheso’s lover Petunia dies

Petunia Rwizi, the woman Sungura maestro Alick Macheso dedicated early 2000s smash hit, Petunia, recently died and was buried some two weeks ago in Dirikwe Village of Nyanyadzi, Chimanimani District.

Petunia succumbed to her battle with cancer at the age of 45.

They shared a child named Munashe who was conceived in 2000, the same year “Petunia” was released on the “Simbaradzo” album which also carried hits such as “Amai Varubhi,” “Kunyarara Zvavo”, “Nguva”, “Kusekana Kwaanakamba” and “Mundikumbuke”.

The Manica Post reports that mourners who gathered at Petunia’s rural homestead for a three-day funeral would often break into song and dance, with the hit song “Petunia”, being the soundtrack of the funeral.

Brother to the deceased, Isaya Rwizi, said Macheso’s music was played throughout the funeral.

“Most people who knew my sister well pleaded with us to have some sort of a funeral party for Petunia.

“They played Alick Macheso’s music throughout and danced.

“Apart from the suggestive dances, we saw nothing wrong with that because we all know that the two, Macheso and my sister Petunia, once had an affair and they had a child together,” he said.

As Petunia lay on her deathbed long after her relationship with Macheso had ended, reports say the sungura legend would chip in with financial assistance.

Even on her funeral, Macheso is said to have covered some of the funeral expenses.

Said Rwizi: “We have no complaints against Alick Macheso. It is a good thing that he cared for Petunia even as her health failed her. He contributed towards her burial. During the days she was unwell, Mai Shero (Macheso’s wife) gave our sister some financial assistance and we appreciate such humility.”

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