Alicia reveals what she misses most about her late dad, Shona Ferguson

Alicia reveals what she misses most about her late dad, Shona Ferguson

Alicia reveals what she misses most about her late dad, Shona Ferguson

Two days ago, Alicia Angel Ferguson, the daughter of the late seasoned actor and producer Shona Ferguson took to Instagram to pen her late father a sweet letter as the day marked his second year since he died.

In 2021, thousands of fans were left heartbroken when the news of Shona Ferguson’s death broke. He died at Milpark Hospital due to Covid-19-related problems, BBC reported.

The late Botswana-born actor-turned-producer stole the hearts of numerous fans with his easy-going persona and impeccable acting skills on several dramas including some of his production such as The Queen, Kings of J’oburg, and more.

He is also known for his spirit of family as he also worked very closely with his wife, Connie Ferguson on and off screen. The couple met in July 2001 and tied the knot by November, Kaya FM reported. The following year, they welcomed their first child, Alicia who has recently penned her late dad a heartbreaking letter on her feed.

“Sho Fede♥️ Today marks 2 years since your departure, even though it feels like yesterday. The void never gets better, but I know the presence of God is helping us push forward and be strong,’ the letter read.

Alicia Ferguson counted all the things she missed most about her father. In her list, she proved that indeed, it’s the little things that matter the most.

“Every day, I’m always expecting you to either call me and ask “What’s for lunch?” or “Juice, I need a snap!” I miss being your personal photographer. I miss our FaceTime calls where we spoke absolute nonsense. I miss smelling you in the passage. I miss harassing you whilst you were working, but I can only pray to God that you are resting in peace and that you continue to,” she said.

The beautiful young woman whose been praised for looking like her father shared that she looks up to her dad as she pulled on her social media followers’ heartstrings.

“Thank you for being the best role model, not only personally but spiritually. I aspire to wear God as well as you and have a heart as kind and generous as yours Fa♥️ I love and miss you always Fa♥️️,” Alicia’s letter concluded.

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