AKA’s younger brother slams Nota Baloyi’s lies

AKA’s younger brother slams Nota Baloyi’s lies

AKA’s younger brother slams Nota Baloyi’s lies

The call for justice in the Kiernan “AKA” Forbes case got extra attention this week when AKA’s former personal security when he was in KwaZulu-Natal Anwar “Dogg” Khan conducted an interview on e.TV. This is as Dogg seemed to further fuel allegations that AKA’s team that was with him in Durban had a hand in his assassination.

While AKA’s family and friends seemed to rubbish the allegations again, there were those that used Dogg’s testimonial as proof of their own suspicions. Specifically, controversial entertainment commentator and podcast regular Nhlamulo Nota Baloyi.

Nota, in the past, has had to deal with legal action taken against him for making harmful allegations directed at AKA’s road manager Siya Mdluli, who also happens to be K.O’s brother. As reported before:

This time it was by Hip-Hop legend K.O who initially took Nota to court for alleging that his brother and close friend to the recently assassinated rapper Kiernan “AKA” Forbes when he alleged he was involved in his assassination. In what fits the description of a narcissist, instead of taking the onus of his actions, Nota preferred to continue spewing more accusations this time including K.O.

On Thursday, K.O had taken to Twitter to share a cryptic tweet about someone lying on his name and having to face the full might of the law. At the time, given his recent “beef” with Lady Du, it was unclear to who the tweet was directed.

However, Nota seemed to make things easier to deduce as he took to his own social media to then directly accuse K.O of being involved in AKA’s assassination.

Another person who seems to be enough of Nota’s lies and pursuit of trending on social media by using AKA’s passing as a means to get engagement on his tweets is Steffan Forbes.

Steffan Forbes finally addresses Nota directly

AKA’s younger brother slams Nota Baloyi’s lies

Steffan Forbes is the AKA’s young brother and the last remaining child that AKA’s parents Tony and Lynn Forbes had together. Throughout the events since the passing of AKA, Steffan has arguably said the least through his social media platforms about the ongoing conspiracy theories.

However, it seems that Steffan, like many in AKA’s personal camp, has had enough of Nota using AKA’s name for traction. This is after he posted a cryptic post suggesting that Dogg was a snake for the contentious interview he conducted.

Nota had then taken the Instagram story and suggested that Steffan was not in support of finding justice for his brother. This seemingly suggests that Steffan and the Forbes family would rather protect Siya and AKA’s team than face the truth.

Steffan then took to his Instagram stories to make it clear that Nota does not know anything and is paddling lies. This was before making it clear that this is the first and last time that he would address the Nota situation publicly.

This is as even AKA before his passing had made it clear that despite once having a friendship with Nota. This is after Nota used his turmoil following the passing of Nellie to get attention in the media that AKA decided to cut off any contact with Nota.

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