AKA’s Viral Weed Video Has Mzansi Talking

AKA’s Viral Weed Video Has Mzansi Talking

AKA’s Viral Weed Video Has Mzansi Talking

AKA has been at the tip of our tongues consistently for the past few weeks, as controversy seems to love and follow him everywhere he goes. Now it seems he has sought it out himself, after he posted a video about smoking weed.

The rapper recently shared a video on his social media platforms, where he looked super high. It was a TikTok challenge in which he lip-synced a video that talked about weed not bothering him. He further denied having used the drug on that day.

But as his fans noticed, his eyes told a completely different story. They looked rather bloodshot and protruded, which is characteristic of someone who has used some drugs, like weed. It is not surprising, though, because many of our ZAlebs, particularly rappers, are known to use the substance.

Another celebrity who is open and honest about his use of marijuana is A-Reece. In a bold moment (which many of his fans thought was brought on by having a few puffs of the substance early in the morning), he tweeted that he wanted marijuana to be legalized in South Africa. While he recognised that the drug is technically not banned (adults are allowed to use it in the privacy of their homes, as long as they are not caught buying or selling it), he wanted its use in public spaces to be permitted as well.

Some thought it was an interesting hill for him to choose to die on. I mean, he can do it at home; why is it so important for him to be allowed to smoke the substance in public spaces? Either way, the campaign is sure to gain little traction, as not many would want to discuss such a frowned-upon drug in public.

AKA has been making big strides, though. He recently took to Instagram to announce that he is now officially out of debt with the SARS. The rapper had some trouble with the tax service in the past. But as he shared, he is proud to announce that he has cleared all his debt with them.

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