AKA responds to Fan

AKA responds to Fan

AKA responds to Fan

AKA schools a fan who urged him to stop proving he can rap.

The rapper talked about writing a verse and a tweeped encouraged him to keep pushing as it was rumored that his bars don’t hit anymore.

“You know … “they” … will always have something to say. I have nothing to prove as a rapper … my catalog and the joy I’ve brought to my people speaks for itself ya know?”

Another tweep further supported the rapper’s decision not to prove anything to anyone.

However, the tweep advised that he stops using certain phrase in his songs.

“Just don’t say lekker fish and chips again lol…that was a bit …wooooo haaaa-ish,” reads the tweet.

Kiernan schooled the tweep, saying he has no plans of eluding it from his lyrics.

“My friend … if you don’t know that line it means you don’t know South African music history. If you think hey lekker lekker fish and chips belongs to me, you have a lot of homework to do.”

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