AKA calls for alcohol ban to be lifted as he hits hard times

AKA calls for alcohol ban to be lifted as he hits hard times

AKA calls for alcohol ban to be lifted as he hits hard times

AKA has again spoken out on the economic effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, explaining that he has a team who rely on him for financial support.

The star recently joined the #SaveMyLivelihood trend on Twitter, which details many South Africans’ struggles in the midst of the pandemic and nationwide lockdown.

In his post AKA said that he had a team working for him and any lost gigs affected not only him, but the entire team.

“I have a team of people who rely on me. I can’t perform, I can’t sell my product and I can’t tour.”

He acknowledged that he is “privileged”, despite his struggles.

“While I might be privileged, the same cannot be said for so many artists and start-ups in this country who have gone for 5 months without income,” he added.

AKA’s comments come as he continues to call for an end to the ban on alcohol sales, and advocates for the reopening of the economy.

“Alcohol is simply the scapegoat here for bad planning in terms of infrastructure to handle the pandemic.

“No doubt lives are important. What about livelihoods? The alcohol industry employs so many people and is so large that it makes up 4.4% of the GDP (look it up, it’s a FACT). You cannot simply switch that off without a plan and without warning,” he told fans last month.

He also warned that “jobs are going to be lost on a massive scale”.

“There is definitely a harmful side to alcohol abuse, no question about that. My question to you is what are the effects of losing close to a million jobs?”

Weighing in on possible relief for creatives through the department of sports, arts and culture, AKA suggested the amount he would potentially get in relief was not enough.

“I am not retrenched and I am not unemployed. I am trying to not retrench people and I am self-employed. You guys are not going to force me to be grateful for R2k from the government. It does not mean s**t to me,” he said.

– Timeslive

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