Africa’s heritage and its relationship to clothing and fashion

Africa’s heritage

designs of dresses are both simple


International fashion lines,

which inspired many of their ideas this year from African fashion heritage and Africa’s heritage

It is possible to wear these dresses of the African and African’s heritage on a number of occasions or one of the evening or birthdays,

and there are other designs that fit the work being loose and comfortable at the same time carrying bright colors and overlapping make you feel that you are the most distinguished among the existing,

and make sure to Apply a quiet make-up to suit your morning look and Africa’s heritage

Sequins are known to be one of the most popular fabrics for the end of the year,

and to get a striking look inspired by Dora Zarrouk in her colored sequin dress,

with which she coordinated black high-heeled sandals and Africa’s heritage

If you wish to celebrate the golden color,


you may be inspired by the look of Nisreen Tafesh recently chosen and was a short dress with laser cut in gold,

coordinated with high boots and reached the length of the upper knee black

we recommend that you look inspired by Saba Mubarak who recently chose this color on a short dress decorated with tassels,

coordinated with high-heeled shoes in gold, and looked very feminine and fashionable.

Bassam Lokil, chairman of the Tunisian-African Business Council,

told TAP that this new initiative “aims at facilitating the social-cultural integration and Africa’s of sub-Saharan countries in Tunisia,

Through its “clothing language” and its symbolism.Africa’s

He pointed out that the organization of the first African fashion show in Tunisia by the -African Business Council,

a non-governmental organization founded on 15 May 2015,

is part of cultural and social programs aimed at promoting South-South economic cooperation.