African women Smoothing hair without natural recipes

African women dream of smooth and straight hair, such as silk, but may need some tips and tricks to follow in order to achieve There are several recipes and natural mixes that may contribute to soften the hair and cleansing of toxins and inflammation and get rid of dryness and roughness.

African women Smoothing hair

These natural recipes will yield impressive results but require more time and because women have many endless daily responsibilities and burdens they do not have the time to take care of their hair.

So dear African women will offer you some very natural and simple horses that you can easily follow during your day to get smooth, smooth and smooth hair like silk

 Healthy food and drinking water

First and foremost, African women should know that proper nutrition is what makes your hair strong, healthy, healthy and free of any aesthetic problem.

Vitamins, proteins and mineral salts in certain foods may provide the scalp with enough nutrition to give the hair softness and fluidity. And healthy nutrients on the hair

help to improve it and prevent being harsh and brittleness.

women Smoothing hair without natural recipes

Make sure African women eat fresh vegetables and fruits with yogurt, cheese,

and yogurt in your meals.

Also, you should drink plenty of water in sufficient quantities during the day because the water helps to expel the internal toxins in the form of veins.

It also contributes to moisturizing hair and protects it from dryness.

Wash the hair with warm water

Do not wash your hair with very hot water because hot water may help to destroy the scalp and bombard the hair follicles while absorbing the oils and creatine in the hair as a result of its impact on brain cells.

Also, do not wash your hair with cold water as it may also help to damage the hair.In addition, cold water does not clean the hair and may make you feel very cold and uncomfortable.

Choose a compromise and use warm or lukewarm water to wash your hair to treat all hair problems for African women and give them the softness needed.

Warm water can help moisturize hair strands and prevent them from drying out or inflammation.

3 – Use conditioner and bath cream

Apart from the natural recipes and blends you use to soften and moisturize your hair for African women because of the lack of time you have and because of your constant preoccupation,

you should immediately after bathing with warm water. Use the appropriate shampoo for your hair

put a little of it on your hair

then use a hair conditioner to help moisturize and then make a cream bath for hair If your hair is a dry type, use the cream bath three times a week.

If it’s fatty, use it twice a week. You can make a warm hair oil bath using a natural oil formula that includes

 Massage and ventilation hair for African

One of the most important natural and magic tricks to soften the hair and make it flow like silk is two steps after washing the first step Madam massage the scalp well any massage for the scalp hair in order to stimulate blood circulation within the scalp.

Increased blood flow and the arrival of substances and nutrients needed for the scalp and hair strands. While the second step is to ventilate the hair

not cover it immediately after washing because this is a big mistake that may damage the hair by injuring the scalp dandruff and thus make the hair dry.

Make sure your hair is identical to African women to give your hair strands to breathe while not stimulating the fat cells of the scalp.

Also, make sure that your hair is not exposed to sunlight so that the scalp does not get severe infections that cause dry hair.

5 – methods of drying and combing hair

After washing and massaging the African woman’s hair, dry the hair with a clean towel and apply it over your hair and press it well to get rid of excess water.

Then comb your hair after drying well with a comb and not a brush to avoid hair loss and then tie your hair back so that the hair is straight and smooth and not curly.

You can use the method of the cap on your hair,

which is the styling of the hair forward, then divide and twist the hair on the reverse and leave it for at least three hours,

and then untie your hair and two lines, you will notice the result

Enjoy smooth, straight hair like silk. Make sure to cut the hair regularly to get rid of the rough and dry limbs.