African women have light snacks that eliminate hunger between meals

African women have light snacks that eliminate hunger between meals

African women nutritionists agree that eating snacks,

which contain large amounts of calories, among the main foods,

is one of the main reasons for weight gain.

Eating french fries as a snack contributes to weight gain because of its oils and carbohydrates.

The doctor advises the need to stay away from side effects causing weight gain and replace them with other healthy African women

Mounir explains the effect of side meals on increasing body weight,

that we eat without focusing on the amount or calculation of calories in these foods,

in addition to those meals do not feel full, prompting the stomach to request more food for the health of African women

Know the list of foods that can be taken as a side meal without gaining weight.

Apple and African

Apple fruit is rich in many nutritional values ​​needed by the body as it contains a wonderful amount of plant fiber that facilitates digestion.

Apple contains a large percentage of water that helps expel toxins and fat from the body for better health.

Avocado and women

Avocado contains soluble plant fiber that helps the stomach digest food better.

Avocado contains acetic acid,

which activates the center of satiety in the body,

and also in the avocado a large number of vitamins and nutrients that qualify it to be a complete diet.

Tuna and African women

Eat tuna as a snack among the main foods is a great source of selenoid,

which plays a major role as an antioxidant.

The tuna is low in calories, which means a sense of satiety and weight loss.

Nuts and African women

Eat a handful of nuts between your main meals to eliminate hunger.

Vegetables and African women

Vegetables help your body lose weight significantly and are noticeable when you rely on them as a side meal.

It is rich in water and plant fiber that has a great effect on weight loss.

Oats and African women

The use of oats has recently spread as a reliable side-meal for weight loss. It is a whole grain that has multiple nutritional values ​​

that helps to feel saturated with a small number of calories. Many diet programs include oats as a side-meal to get rid of excess weight because of its importance in feeding the body with fiber,


and excess fat loss.

Eat popcorn as a snack between main meals to get rid of hunger with a small number of calories.

Popcorn is rich in fiber and antioxidants that enhance satiety and help lose weight.