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African Women Discover Nescafe Hair Mixes

African women – There are many options in the kitchen world that can be used for purposes that are far from cooking and food,

for example, Nescafe African poetry?

Have African women ever thought of using Nescafe for hair purposes?

Yes, dear Nescafe is one of the components that can be used for the purposes of nourishing hair and lengthening and dye color as well.

Nescafe Hair Coloring Mix: For African Women

According to the Encyclopedia of Zee and Zee,

Nescafe can give you a brown color without the need to use a dye for this color,

and this is done by making a mixture Nescafe to dye hair:

Mix two tablespoons of Nescafe with a large glass of olive oil.

Add an egg to the mixture.

Add a cup of oxygen,

which is usually available in the pharmacy.

Brush your hair with the mixture for no more than 35 minutes.

Wash your hair and let it dry naturally.

This method can be repeated every two weeks.

Nescafe Hair Nutrition Mix:

Multiple blends can be made to nourish the hair and increase its vitality.

According to Layalina’s website,

there is a rich blend of beneficial substances that contain Nescafe as one of its main components:

Mix two tablespoons of Nescafe with a quarter cup of hot tea.

Add one tablespoon mayonnaise,

two egg yolks and one tablespoon lemon juice to the mixture.
Apply this mixture two hours before bathing,

then wash your hair as usual.

You can repeat this method twice a month.

Al Nescafe Hair Extensions:


then massage the scalp with the mixture for 10 minutes,

and after the massage is finished leave the mixture for another 10 minutes on the head before rinsing with water Warm.

Nescafe mixture to perfume hair:

This method, which aims to get rid of the unpleasant and unpleasant odors in your hair,

depends on mixing Nescafe with water and adding a few drops of rose water to it,

then wash your hair in it 3 times,

and after washing with Nescafe must be washed with regular shampoo.

Enjoy the benefits of Nescafe hair through these various blends,

they are useful and easy as well as inexpensive and available in all homes