African women and tips to lose weight within one month without sport

African women seek to lose weight and get rid of excess body fat,

as they strive all the time to enhance their sense of lightness and agility.

African women are also interested in knowing about the dangers of obesity,

overweight and what it brings to them. But one of the most troublesome things in weight loss is having to follow a diet,

many of us can not stick to it for a long time because of the deprivation of delicious food. The disadvantage then results in a more greedy take back than before. In addition to the lack of exercise due to lack of time. That’s why we collected the top 5 simple tips that will help you lose weight in one month without following a specific diet or exercise.

Write down what was eaten throughout the day

It is important that we identify our weaknesses to change them. Therefore, all food and beverages you eat throughout the day should be written and recorded in a small blog and the times are recorded.

In addition to doing a number of daily activities that we do in our lives. All of this will determine the problem and the causes of weight gain and then focus on changing these habits gradually so you do not return to it more than before, which helps to gain weight significantly.

2. Split daily meals for African women

One of the most important things to lose weight is the fact that an individual divides his or her daily meals into three or five small meals regardless of the content of the meals (ie, they are not required to be committed to a certain diet). This is in addition to the need to be careful to eat breakfast, especially since it is the basis of burning fat throughout the day at higher calories, and it is necessary African women  to fix the dates of eating meals where the body gets used to the amounts entering it and leave a break between each meal for nearly three hours, then the body gets used On specific dates which contribute to weight loss without following any system or exercise.African women

3- Drinking water for African women

Water is the lifeblood. Who can survive without drinking water? It is the lifeblood. One of its benefits is that it helps to lose weight significantly. Since it does not contain calories at all, and it is useful in helping the body to perform all vital functions, it is necessary to take care of the individual water at different times during the day, especially when waking up from sleep, can drink two cups of cold water, which helps to lose weight Due to the effort made by the body to raise its temperature after the introduction of cold water, in addition to the need to drink water before eating and before bathing and before going to sleep. The individual should be careful to drink 3 liters of water per day. African women