Natural Hair

African women and their interest in her hair through food

African women, Are you dreaming of long, thick hair? Tired of short or light hair?

Do not worry about the most prominent methods of hair care,

lengthening and thickening will help you reach long and thick hair and certainly beautiful:

Methods of hair care, lengthening,

and intensification through food:

Take care to eat spinach, which contains iron necessary for hair food,

in addition to containing many minerals and vitamins such as vitamin C and A necessary for hair growth.


Be careful to eat eggs, which is one of the most important foods necessary for hair growth;

because it contains a high proportion of protein and biotin,

which are one of the most important elements necessary for hair growth?

Eat sweet potatoes, they contain compound beta-carotene, which turns in the human body to vitamin A responsible for the production of natural oils in the scalp,

which promotes hair growth.

Take care to eat nuts,

they contain several elements contribute to hair growth,

such as vitamin B, fatty acids, and zinc for African women

Eat sweet peppers, where vitamin C stimulates the production of collagen,

which in turn works to protect hair from damage.

Paprika also contains vitamin A that improves hair growth and vitality for African women

Avocado is one of the most important antioxidants necessary for the body and hair growth of African women.

Eating fatty fish, contains omega-3 fatty acids,

protein, selenium, vitamin B, and D3 and therefore helps to grow hair and increase the density.

Caring for berries, it is rich in vitamin C and thus stimulates the blood circulation of the hair follicles and helps to nourish them.

Be careful to eat yogurt,

it is rich in calcium and vitamin B necessary for hair growth and strengthening.

Methods of hair care, lengthening,

and intensification of natural mixtures of African women

Egg & Honey Hair Mask: You need one egg, 1 teaspoon of olive oil, 1 teaspoon honey,

and 1 teaspoon of any kind of hair cream. Beat the egg well,

then add the rest of the ingredients until it becomes a soft dough, then spread it on the hair and leave it for an hour and finally wash your hair with shampoo

After extracting the aloe vera gel from the aloe vera, mix with a little water with an electric blender.

Apple vinegar for hair: African women

Mix a quarter cup of blooming vinegar with a glass of water well, and then apply this mixture on the hair after washing.