African women and street fashion trends of African fashion weeks

African women – street fashion has become a fashion show itself during fashion weeks so that photographers are gathering in the street to pick up the most beautiful

most distinctive looks.

We have selected some of the views that have invaded the streets of international fashion capitals during the last fashion weeks to bring you distinctive trends that will dominate the fashion of the next season

lookout for these trends and be inspired by your occasions for a glamorous look everywhere.

Big sweaters are a comfortable and practical piece that can be coordinated with all the views Despite its large size,

a large sweater can be attractive if coordinated in an elegant style.

It can be paired with denim pants and sneakers

with a long skirt with embossing of African women

But, as with every bold shout, the look must be mastered in order to appear elegant and attractive.

You can choose a red skirt with a white T-shirt (as pictured) or adopt a red blouse with denim pants and high heeled sandals for a sure modern look for African women.

You can shine in pink in full view or adopt it in some elaborate touches in your look.

Choose neutral colors in chic outfits and choose a pink color,

for example, in the bag (as pictured) or the shoe to make it stand out.