Hair Color

African women and how do I choose the color of my hair dye?

How African women chose the color of my hair dye?

A question baffles many African women, especially at the beginning of the summer season,

but determining the hair color depends on many factors such as skin color,

eye color and even the color of the most dressed clothes

Therefore, African women should know that the color you choose may not give the same degree to your hair.

There are other reasons that lead to discoloration such as the hair dyed in a previous color,

so it is necessary to consult a specialist in such a situation.

How do I choose my hair color? For African women

As we mentioned, there are several factors that play a role in the choice of color,

such as skin color, clothing,

and eyes, and according to the site Live Strong,

there are rules to help you determine your skin color and clothing color appropriate for you:

Skin color: African women


First, you should know if you have cold or warm skin.

The type can be determined by the color of the skin and the color of the veins in the hand,

the owners of cold skin have light skin with a pink character,

while the skin color of warm type is characterized by wheat or brown skin with golden shades,

The veins appear in green

While it looks blue for those with a cold type,

after you know the color of your skin you can determine the color hue that suits you,

if you are cold skin suits your black and gray blond, and platinum color,

and brownish-gray, while those with warm skin suits them colors golden brown and golden blonde and red Warm.

Clothing color: for African women

On the same scale, it is the skin that determines the color of the hair

the color of the appropriate clothing as well, so it suits colors such as blue,

green and purple tones with cold skin, while the shades of red, yellow and orange are best suited with warm skin color,

so if you have selected your skin color and choose the dye according to For him, it’s best to choose the colors that will suit your skin

the color of your new hair from the clothes.

Eye color: for African women

Honey, black, brown, and green eyes suit light tint colors such as golden,

light red, light brown, as well as reddish-brown, while blue or gray eyes suit gray and light blond.