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African women and fashion fabrics 2019

African women According to fashion enthusiasts, there is a growing interest in fabrics decorated with African patterns,

with searches for them rising by 229 percent. So many of these fabrics will be in 2019.

African fabrics are characterized by striking colors

attractive shapes and African fabrics are suitable for those with a sense of adventure in coordinating clothing and unfit for those who lack the sense of daring.

To coordinate the elegant and perfect look of African women in an eye-catching manner,

it is preferable to wear one piece with African inscriptions in the form of a statement and coordinate the rest of the pieces to be without patterns

colors that contrast with the first piece to show its beauty.

Types of fabrics

 Fabrics are classified according to the nature of the materials used in the manufacture of their fibers as shown below:

Natural fabrics are made from animal or vegetable sources,

including fibers found in animal skin,

silkworm cocoons and plant seeds, leaves and stems.

Natural fabrics are the perfect choice for everyone.

 It does not cause damage such as skin rash and others,

in addition to the natural fabric is not affected by the surrounding factors such as color change because of the sun’s ultraviolet rays,

for example, and the many types of natural fabrics used in our lives, including:

 Cotton: for African women

It is one of the softest and gentle fabrics on the body skin, and cotton is also adaptable to all seasons of the year it is suitable for any weather,

in the summer is characterized by cotton is highly efficient to absorb sweat and keep the body cool, while in winter gives cotton a sense of warmth.
Fabrics are defined as threads that are processed to form so-called fibers.

Many sources of these fibers may be synthetic or maybe from a natural source.

Therefore, the varieties, shapes,

and colors of fabrics that play an essential role in our lives are varied.