actress Zenande Mfenyana announces pregnancy in style

actress Zenande Mfenyana announces pregnancy in style

“THERE was a great deal of theory for quite a long time about whether The Queen entertainer Zenande Mfenyana was pregnant.”

The on-screen character, who plays Goodness on The Queen, took to her internet based life to share the news as she observed Mother’s Day. Glancing completely shocking in a splendid yellow, streaming outfit, Zenande decided to go for a submerged photograph shoot and it ended up extraordinary.

In the event that you think you’ve seen a comparative photo, you may have seen Beyoncé’s – submerged shoots are very well known for maternity shoots as the photos nearly look supernatural. Be that as it may, making the enchantment requires a ton of hands and Zenande expressed gratitude toward her sisters for getting through for her.

“In the background film from the maternity shoot … (it was) pouring and every one of my sisters helped make it work, thank you,” she said referencing every one of them by name.

She posted an image from her maternity shoot, which left jaws on the floor.

In the image, Zenande is hung in a yellow outfit and stances submerged.

She inscribed the picture: “Upbeat Mother’s Day”

In spite of the fact that she impaired remarks on her Instagram page, Zenande’s Twitter supporters, companions and associates didn’t keep down. Dineo Langa tweeted: “Congrats, Zeni.

Another Twitter client, Muzaro, said:”Lol levels now this is one epic maternity shoot. Glad Mother’s Day, Zenande’

Writer Siphokazi Jonas tweeted: “May what’s to come be loaded up with many breakfast-in-bed shocks, hand-drawn cards, modest blossoms, scents which you paid for, chocolates which you at that point need to share, and the various dodgy endowments we gave our mothers as children.

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