Actress Thuso Mbedu sparks more dating rumours

Actress Thuso Mbedu sparks more dating rumours

Actress Thuso Mbedu sparks more dating rumours

It seems that actress Thuso Mbedu‘s fans and Mzansi is waiting for her to showcase her first international relationship. This is as in the past three months, she has been linked to three of some of the most eligible, black, bachelors in Hollywood. A flattering compliment for the starlet who seems to only be in the beginning stages of her international acclaim, and we love it for her.

The most recent romantic affiliationshe is speculated to have is with American actor Jonathan Majors. Mbedu was one of the first people to publicly showcase their “support and love” for Majors, as he was the lead of the first all-black Western film executive produced by Jay-Z called The Harder They Fall.

But Mbedu, who loves Twitter and engaging on the blue app, addressed the matter suggesting that she and Majors were just “besties” and the bashful face she was giving was due to a platonic compliment Majors gave her.

Other romantic links Mbedu has been associated with include:

Trevor Noah

Not after when international actress Thuso Mbedu took to Twitter to say that she was single as they come. Subsequently, rumors that comedian and The Daily Show host Trevor Noah and Thuso Mbedu are making round on social media.

While living her best life in Hollywood, Thuso Mbedu is being rumored to be in a romantic relationship with fellow South African who now lives in America, Trevor Noah.

Recently, the pair met for an interview at The Daily Show where Noah is the host, following that there has been speculations that both Mbedu and Noah are allegedly dating.

  1. John Boyega

It all started when he male co-star John Boyega was more than complimentary about Thuso during the promotional run for The Woman King. Boyega in the film plays one of only two prominent male main supporting roles as King Ghezo.

But it was with Boyega sharing a video of the two of them during their audience watching experience that started the dating rumours amongst South Africans. Taking to the comments section, more than one South African highlighted the chemistry between the two and asserted that they should just make things official.

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