Actress Thuso Mbedu opens up about her childhood

Actress Thuso Mbedu opens up about her childhood

Actress Thuso Mbedu opens up about her childhood

Following the movie Women King’s success, South African actress Thuso Mbedu’s life has changed dramatically, and Friday, 17 March, she was interviewed on Hollywood Authentic by Greg Williams, where she let viewers in on all about how she grew up, her future plans and more. The stunning petite actress is actually 31 years old. She was born on 8 July 1991 in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal and is very close to her sister.

Thuso Mbedu

“My sister and I lost our mother to a brain tumour when I was four years old. And we didn’t have much of a relationship with our father. He was never in our lives. And so, our grandmother raised us. She was super strict,” the actress said.

Mbedu added that before her mother passed away, she wanted to become a geologist but said due to the [apartheid] system, it would not be allowed.

Instead, her mother became a teacher who taught maths, sciences, and geography. She added that her grandmother had a lot of influence and shaped her life in many ways.

“My grandmother was actually a high-school principal. But we were the first generation who had the option to be doctors or to be whatever it is that we wanted to be. And that was expected of me. And then I chose the arts, it made absolutely no sense to anyone at home.”

Today Mbedu is not only a star in South Africa, but also in America. She dreams of building an orphanage one day and says before that can happen, she plans to be active in finding bursaries to help kids who can’t afford to get a school.

Mbedu has an apartment in the United States (US), where she has stayed for quite some time now. She says that she is lactose intolerant. However, she loves eating cereal.

Among other huge endorsement deals, Mbedu can be seen in the US cruising in any of the latest Porsche vehicles. However, it might be difficult to spot her as she frequently switches them. According to SA Notify, her net worth already ranges between $1 million (an estimated R19 million) to $5 million (around R 93 million).

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