Actress Thembi Seete on her bold role in ‘Adulting’

Actress Thembi Seete on her bold role in ‘Adulting’

Actress Thembi Seete on her bold role in ‘Adulting’

As we grow up, we often hear phrases like “Switch that off and go to your room!” when watching TV with our parents, especially during intimate moments between characters on screen. This reflects the conservative nature of our society, but as South Africans, we tend to be quite reserved.

It was only a matter of time before showrunners capitalized on this and, in the era of social media hype and attention, local television screens became a bit more daring. This is precisely what the Showmax original series “Adulting” is serving up.

The story revolves around four university friends navigating the challenges of the world. With two seasons under its belt, the show’s sophomore outing has sparked conversations due to its explicit s.e.x scenes.

Thembi Seete, a local legend in the entertainment industry, plays a central role in this steamy storm. Known for her long-standing career in music and acting, Seete initially had reservations about taking on this role.

“The decision to agree to this role was not an easy one,” she admits. However, the compelling storyline ultimately drew her towards the project. Despite the raunchy aspects that South Africans tend to shy away from, Seete believes it is essential to address these issues openly through storytelling.

“As actors, our role is to tell stories that are fun, uncomfortable, sad, and sometimes shocking,” she explains. Seete knew that her portrayal of the character Portia would be shocking, and it took her some time to come to terms with it. Eventually, she embraced the role, reminding herself that she was an actor playing a character vastly different from her own personality.

However, the most demanding part of the role was not the performance itself but the aftermath. Seete explains that reflecting on the scenes and their implications proved to be mentally challenging.

To bring these intimate scenes to life, the production ensured a supportive environment for the actors. Professionals, including intimacy coaches, were present to guide them through the process. Consent was paramount, and discussions took place before, during, and after filming to ensure the actors’ comfort.

Contrary to popular belief, Seete clarifies that there was no real physical contact during the sex scenes. Movements and choreography, combined with effective direction, created the illusion of authenticity. The actors wore specially designed underwear that matched their skin tone, ensuring that sensitive areas were fully covered.

As an actor, Seete emphasizes that individuals have the right to determine their level of comfort during these scenes. They can decide who is present on set and how the scene is shot.

While Seete was surprised by the conversations and responses her role generated, she believes that it is essential for South Africans to have a more open-minded attitude towards sex and sexuality. She urges society to move away from antiquated views and embrace a more honest and responsible approach to discussing these matters, especially with children.

Seete concludes by expressing her hope for a future where sexuality is openly discussed and young people are educated about these topics. Breaking free from the constraints of the past will contribute to a healthier and more informed society.

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