Actress Natasha Thahane pregnant with twins? – Photo

Actress Natasha Thahane pregnant with twins? – Photo

Actress Natasha Thahane pregnant with twins? – Photo

First, it was the pregnancy announcement that came a few weeks after the American figure’s; then the similar snaps and public exposure of the belly. Now fans think Natasha Thahane could he imitating Rihanna to an extent that she could be carrying twins just like Rihanna.

The American bubbly personality recently revealed that she was carrying twins and had had her first 3D scan of the babies he had with rapper Asap Rocky.

A few weeks ago, the publication sensationally reported that Natasha Thahane, a South African Tv personality was pregnant with footballer Thembinkosi Lorch’s baby.

She revealed this on Instagram.

A week later, the actress posted a series of snaps and Instagram stories with her huge belly exposed – Rihanna style.

It didn’t take much time for fans to draw similarities between the two personalities’ pregnancy reveals and public appearances.

Some believe the South African star could be getting influence from Rihanna and is always imitating her.

Recent sentiments shared by social media users are that Thahane could be pregnant with twins just like Rihanna.

Their claims are justified by the enormous size of the two’s baby bumps.

‘Since Rihanna’s baby bump has twins; Natasha’s could he too’ is the basic logic being punned out there.

This may however not be true.

A rumour mill churn a few days ago that Rihanna was pregnant with twins.

This was after Fenty Beauty founder Gigi Hadid playfully commented “ three angels” on one of Rihanna’s Instagram posts.

This, together with a recent interview Rihanna had with Bustle where she referred to her baby bump as “them”, made fans believe she had twins.

But all the rumours have so far been dismissed as untrue.

Natasha Thahana on the other hand has not revealed any information about his baby bump, the gender or when she would be expecting her baby(ies).

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