Actress Mona Monyane Is NOT Tryna Look Cute For Anybody

Actress Mona Monyane Is NOT Tryna Look Cute For Anybody

Actress Mona Monyane Is NOT Tryna Look Cute For Anybody

Entertainer Mona Monyane has told the men that are flooding her DM’s on Instagram to quit sending her messages.

She got down on these men and said that since they have been seeing a couple of recordings of her twerking to a great extent doesn’t mean she needs consideration.

She said, “Sirs, a couple of recordings of me twerking a solitary butt cheek at a time and you flood my inbox?

“Sir, do you perceive how I appear on these online media roads? This is me on a customary, cause I don’t get paid by Instagram to look adorable constantly and post pictures utilizing my own information and cell phone, so I’m not going to constrain myself to bring about costs just to utilize my voice on a stage,

“I converse with my QUEENS as I come, when I feel like it, how I feel like it. So in the event that you see a sista posting a charming video or pic, that is NOT for you my sibling. That is simply so my young ladies can recall that she ain’t care for this ALL the time. She could hang, she could get welcome to lunch, a show, book a gig etc…You know what I mean?

“Be that as it may, at NO point am I attempting to look charming for you. Not at any crossroads or road. So kindly, regard what I’m about on this stage and go slide into the DMs of others. Cause she isn’t here for all that. The very best in your journeys however my siblings ✌Peace,” she said.

Mona isn’t one to avoid expressing her real thoughts and has been offering us her contemplations and input on an assortment of things. She cherishes acting naturally and we love her for it.

Mona was recently hitched to Scandal’s Khulu Skenjana and they separated from last year.

At that point. Mona took to Twitter to report their partitions yet at the same time kept up with that Khulu is her perfect partner. She said, “My better half and I have headed out in different directions. I realize this will come as a shock to numerous and I ask that you keep on trusting in adoration and family. The fights we have met have been hard to defeat together and I ask that you regard us by not sensationalizing our detachment”.

Mona additionally shared that she was cheerful Khulu was the one she had children with, “I had infants with my perfect partner. I wouldn’t transform anything.”

Consistent with the individual she is, Mona additionally opened up and said that each relationship she has been in has consistently been not kidding.

“I could give a masterclass on “bekezelment”, ke re bona mo! “Step by step instructions to tswara the thipa 101″. I have BEEN the relationship young lady, I have ONLY done genuine relationshipping. Lovie! On the off chance that you need to know how to bekezela come here! Simply know a certain something… it is NEVER awesome,” she prompted.

She additionally encouraged ladies to pay attention to their gut feelings as the adage goes, don’t allow them to show you the genuine them twice.

The way that Mona is shushing man out of her DM’s is unquestionably not coming as an astonishment. Gentlemen, let the lady inhale, quit choking out her since one thing we think about Mona, she may not make reference to your name however she will put you on impact so regard her.

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