Actress Letoya Makhene on how she turned lesbian & meeting Lebo

Actress Letoya Makhene on how she turned lesbian & meeting Lebo

They have just been dating for a quarter of a year, however Lebo Ketswa (44) and Letoya Makhene (35) are plainly upbeat and happy with one another.

At the point when she met Lebo, Letoya said she wasn’t chasing for affection and it happened by chance for her to meet somebody unique.

“I really never observed this coming,” she disclosed to Drum magazine as of late.

Her adoration life stood out as truly newsworthy, it had been a middle for fascination and keeping in mind that she has gotten some help, she additionally had a lot of assaults via web-based networking media with some disclosing to her that her relationship with another lady was unAfrican and along these lines wrong.

“I have aced the specialty of closing the world out. For whatever length of time that I am focused with God, nothing else matters. I fell sorry for judgemental individuals who toss Bible refrains my direction,” she said including that she didn’t think dating a lady was for her.

“Sure I kiss a lady growing up being underhanded and perky, yet I never figured I would date a lady. I am glad and unashamed. She is a sovereign and causes me to feel like a sovereign,” she said.

The two met in February this year when Blondie was welcome to give a keynote address and to perform at Lebo’s grandma’s 99th birthday celebration.

“I was with my father for the end of the week and when we are as one, he hauls me along to everything,” Letoya said. She occupied with a discussion with Lebo and they clicked on the double. Furthermore, it was Blondie who set the ball rolling.

“At the point when we showed up home, my father revealed to me that Lebo said she would be his little girl in-law soon. I imagined that was unusual,” said Letoya including that she noticed how her dad had fortified so well with Lebo to the degree that she mentioned to him what she felt.

Letoya was not intrigued or intrigued from the start, yet shockingly she ended up conversing with her consistently.

Lebo has a BA in news coverage from Rhodes University and she is a CEO of Leboswa Investiments, which centers around aiding and enabling dark ladies.

“We share a ton practically speaking, Lebo works with misuse survivors and my history with misuse gave us a great deal to discuss,” she said.

She once opened up on Enhle Mbali’s online television show that she had experienced some maltreatment on account of her previous accomplice.

Letoya revealed to Drum magazine that many individuals don’t get her, as they think she is that type who is difficult to keep up.

She said it just took a decent discussion to unite her and Lebo.

“One second we were companions, at that point it created,” she said including that she can’t generally advise regarding to what extent they had been dating.

“I think I have been battling to get a handle on my sentiments. I continued wondering why I was feeling along these lines about a lady,” said including that by the third week got a kick out of the chance to be a major part of her life.

She likewise uncovered how her kids love Lebo, however she was reluctant to acquaint Lebo with them from the start.

She was astounded when her 9-year-old kid inquired as to whether she was a les’ while her oldest girl said she thought they were simply companions.

She chats with them about her relationship and how they feel about it. She said her kids and Leno’s came well as one major family.

She is additionally chipping away at music. “This time away from Generations has helped me relaunch myself as a performer,” she stated, including that in spite of being generously compensated by the soapie, she couldn’t imagine anything better than to concentrate on music, her ability, and first love.

She discharged a solitary, Ngihawukele, in April this year, which she depicted as an expansion of her work as a healer.

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