Actress Lerato Nxumalo leaves Durban Gen

Actress Lerato Nxumalo leaves Durban Gen

Actress Lerato Nxumalo leaves Durban Gen

DURBAN Gen actress Lerato Nxumalo is exiting the show.

In a heartfelt message, the actress who plays the role of Dr Zinhle Luthuli bid farewell to the cast, directors and everyone who molded her career on the set.

In an Instagram post she wrote: “I’d like to express my gratitude to @durbangen_etv @stainedglasstv1 for rendering me the opportunity to learn, grow and become better as a performer day by day.

Thank you @ms_mitzi and @gugu_zuma_ncube for believing in me and being the best bosses that a young lady could ever ask for, I am so blessed and highly favoured to have been chosen to be apart of your team.

“Thank you to my colleagues/friends for being so kind, so crazy, welcoming and loving. @duduzile_ngcob @mavuso101 thank you for being my parents on and off set, words fail me. God sent me angels. @zukonodada I feel I owe my whole progress as an actor to you. You were so patient and really pushed me to do my level best. You’ve helped me unveil my capabilities, I’ll never stop bragging about working with you everywhere I go.”

She said she will forever be grateful for the good times she had with the them.

“To my colleagues thank you for being crazy, y’all made everyday on set so much fun,” she wrote.

Although I’m leaving I’ll never forget the human qualities Ndabezinhle has taught me, that it’s okay to be vulnerable, kind, compassionate and flawed,” she said.

Judging from her post, Lerato is leaving on a very good note.

This as the production and cast members wished her well in her new endeavours.

Durban Gen wrote: “You’ll always be our bundle of joy Fam. Always.”

Karabo Mosia wrote: “Your vulnerability is what attracted me to your character. You have done well. Good luck in all your endeavours.”

Fanele Ntuli said: “It was a beautiful experience working with you. Go and soar even higher.”

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