Actress Gabisile Tshabalala Opens Up About Her Weight Loss Journey

Actress Gabisile Tshabalala Opens Up About Her Weight Loss Journey

Actress Gabisile Tshabalala Opens Up About Her Weight Loss Journey

Mommy of two biological children and three children from her husband’s past relationships, Gabisile Tshabalala has opened up about her weight loss journey saying it has not been easy. The television host shared a lengthy post about her pregnancy journey and was honest and transparent as she could get.

Gabisile T said she resumed gym a month ago and even though she enjoys it and her body is reacting well, she admitted it has not been an easy journey. She has not been afraid to share videos of her work out sessions and might we add, she left us inspired.

“It’s almost a month since I started with gym (again) and I’m loving it… My body is reacting very well to the workouts. I must say it’s not an easy journey but I had to prepare myself mentally first. I told myself that I am my own competition, I wanna do better than what Gabi did yesterday and I’m not quitting no matter what.”

Gabisile, like a few other celebs, does not see the need to get back in shape immediately after birth, “Unfortunately I’m not one of those lucky celeb moms who just snap back after giving birth how I wish…. mara I must work and that’s ok.”

The actress said in a separate video that a person is their won competition, “You are your own competition my child…Remember, it starts with the mind.”

Agreeing with her was Simphiwe Ngema who boldly stated that she does not want to put pressure on herself to get back in shape as she has no desires to. “Same here. Gotta work extra hard to snap back,” she commented on Gasibile’s post.

Last year she opened up about her pregnancy woes more especially her weight gain, Simphiwe said she could not bind her belly as she was still healing from her c-section.

“Today Tiyani turns 3 months. I haven’t been binding my tummy because I had a c-section and I’ve gained 20kgs (I enjoy eating) but it’s time for me to start my journey of getting back into shape. I’m giving myself a year. Ang’funi pressure please! (I don’t want any pressure please).

Gabisile once spoke to ZAlebs about her #SoWhatImPregnant campaign which seeks de-stigmatize pregnancy in the country, “I’m tired of hearing statements like, ‘I figured that with a new one on the way you wouldn’t want to work overtime’ or ‘You’ll fall in love with that baby and never come back to work.’ No! I am capable of having a family AND working as hard as anybody else in my industry. I’m just pregnant, I’m not incapable!”

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