Actors Sheila, Ndumiso and Bra Neo! has viewers hooked and the actors share why it might not end well

Actors Sheila, Ndumiso and Bra Neo! has viewers hooked and the actors share why it might not end well

Actors Sheila, Ndumiso and Bra Neo! has viewers hooked and the actors share why it might not end well

An adoration triangle in Scandal! has watchers snared and the on-screen characters share why it probably won’t end well

HE’S not the sort of man individuals need to play with. Truth be told, in certain circles only the notice of Neo Mokhethi’s name is sufficient to send individuals running the other way.

However his sweetheart Sheila, played by Matshepo Maleme, is doing the unbelievable. She is behaving recklessly and going behind his back with Ndumiso (Andile Sithole).

The stakes are extraordinarily high for both Ndumiso and Sheila. Ndumiso has just taken enough from Bra Neo (Jerry Mofokeng wa Makhetha) when he procured a business he’d needed, and now he’s taking his lady.

Sheila, then again, is risking her life. She’s as of now endure being abducted by Neo when he secured her up his lodging after they had a contradiction.

Creating A Ruckus

Neo has been an infamous criminal from his days running a gambling club. His notoriety goes before him, however in the course of recent months he’s been on an honest way of living, not doing anything illicit.

In Sheila he’s discovered a lady he cherishes and is glad to settle down with. What she’s doing with Ndumiso could prompt cataclysmic outcomes for both of them. What began as a straightforward association among Ndumiso and Sheila, as they were arranging her birthday celebration, has now transformed into an issue.

Jerry says Neo is a desirous man and what’s going on among Ndumiso and Sheila will stir a resting winged serpent. “Hello, uSheila umdelelisa nge ntwana uNeo (Sheila is letting a youngster affront Neo) and there will be hellfire to pay. The issue here is that when men cheat, the ladies in their lives pardon them. It is horribly unjustifiable that when a lady cheats, she is never pardoned. For men, the torment is the point at which they close their eyes and envision their ladies with different men,” Jerry says.

Sheila is attracted to Ndumiso on the grounds that she doesn’t cherish Neo 100%, Matshepo tells Move!.

“Indeed, she loves Neo however not totally. She may not originate from a poor foundation, however she’s tempted by the way of life Neo can accommodate her. The sort of science among her and Ndumiso is hard to pull away from, so for her at the present time, there’s no thinking included,” she says.

Andile says it’s been some time since Ndumiso has had a lady in his life so he’s not thinking obviously.

“Ndumiso simply needs to appreciate the occasion. In Sheila he sees a lady who can propel his business at Chillax yet then one thing prompts another. He is frightened of Bra Neo yet he’s not confronting that reality. “He knows it’s off-base yet entshont

shiwe imnandi (illegal natural product tastes additional great). At the point when I was perusing the content, I was terrified for him since he is pushing himself into difficulty,” Andile says.

“I believe Ndumiso’s cerebrum is unsportsmanlike and he is being nonsensical and dumb. Neo has changed and apologized however now bayamsukela (they are inciting him). Good karma to Sheila in light of the fact that a mafia adoptive parent like Neo doesn’t care to share. These two have contacted a nerve that has been lethargic for quite a while,” Jerry includes.

Matshepo says the issue with the adoration triangle will be Neo’s wounded self image.


Andile says he’s from the towns and he knows never to do what Ndumiso is doing to Neo. “No, man, that is wrong. You don’t do that to another man.”

Matshepo says she’s such an awful liar, she would never undermine a darling.

“See, I’m turning 40 this year and I’ve experienced a great deal as far as connections, yet I can’t lie, so I was unable to keep up attempting to be in two connections simultaneously,” she says.

At the point when we found her, she was adhered about plans to praise her child’s up and coming birthday in view of the national lockdown.

“He’s been checking down to his birthday, so I should figure out how to ensure it is unique despite the fact that we can’t get out,” she says.


Lockdown implies the stars haven’t been on set shooting and Jerry says it’s given him an opportunity to go through with his better half of 40 years, Claudine, and their grandkids.

“Gracious, we are making some acceptable memories. My better half and I are up at 5am each morning for our dedications, afterward in the first part of the day we practice with the grandchildren around the yard. After the grandchildren have done their homework, we as a whole play tabletop games toward the evening then we as a whole bond again after dinner. I’m truly getting a charge out of it,” he says.

Being at home has additionally permitted Jerry to take a shot at his book for men, which will be propelled in June one year from now.

“Numerous individuals, people, are harmed by the connections they had with their dads and that can be found in their connections. Likewise, a great deal of guys need the advantages of [being] men yet the opportunity of young men and they would prefer not to grow up. Connections and marriage aren’t for kids.

“A lockdown like this is uncovering splits that existed in relationships and connections however there’s no place to run since individuals can’t leave their homes. There’s no way out and their basic instincts are being called upon,” he says.

Matshepo is setting aside this effort for contemplation and to perceive how she can improve her life and her family’s lives.

“I have yielded to this time. Indeed, we need cash however this is about self esteem and self-conservation. We can’t face any challenges. We as a whole need to remain at home for us all to endure this pandemic,” she says.

She doesn’t have a set daily practice for her children, matured five and nine, yet she ensures they do their homework consistently. She’s additionally on aunt obligation to help her sister who has a one-month-old child.

In the mean time, Andile says he truly missed being on set.

“I love my activity, man. I’m with my significant other and our two young ladies, matured four and five. We practice together consistently and we attempt to do a portion of the exercises they would do in crèche. Individuals need the help from media outlets during this time, but at the same time it’s significant we as a whole remain at home.”

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