Actor Thapelo Mokoena shows off his luxurious electric car – Photos

Actor Thapelo Mokoena shows off his luxurious electric car

Actor Thapelo Mokoena shows off his luxurious electric car – Photos

A LOT of people are still very sceptical about the idea of owning or even driving an electric car.

My friend summed up this phobia best when he said: “When your cell phone runs out of battery you get really worried and stressed because you feel like you are cut out of life until you recharge.

“But I’m not sure how I would deal with my car running out of power in the middle of nowhere and I forgot the charger back home.”

But Thapelo Mokoena, an actor and TV personality, already owns a Volvo XC90 T8 Plug-in Hybrid, R-Design and he loves it to bits.

He got his Osmium Grey Metallic Volvo in 2020 as the brand’s ambassador.

He said this car won his heart because it was built with the environment in mind.

“It’s electric charge functionality allows me to keep the car moving at all times without any harm to the environment since every contribution counts. Our planet is worth it,” he said
Q: But what makes this car special?

A: Hybrid does not cost much to charge which saves you a lot compared to fuel. It also has a very smooth and fast charging process, it is as simple as charging your cellphone.

Q: How far have you driven it and how reliable was it?

A: I’ve driven out from JHB to KZN and the North West. I don’t think we have enough pages to describe exactly how precious this vehicle is. Seeing my family in it and comfortably so, makes me wonder how I made life work with my previous cars. We fit comfortably in the car – luggage, toys and all.

Q: Given an opportunity to advise designers, is there anything you’d want them to change in this car?

A: Absolutely nothing! The R-design is the pinnacle. Volvo has really mastered the perfect SUV, in terms of both looks and performance.

Q: What is something special you want people to know this car for?

A: Volvo invented the seat belt. I don’t think everyone is aware of how special this invention is and was. Lives literally saved, that’s incredible.

Q: Name some special features found in this car?

A: The different drive modes to choose from are really special including power, hybrid and pure which is eco-drive.

Q: Are you a speed junkie?

A: I’m not a speed person at all. So I enjoy SUV luxury. That’s always been my thing. I’ve always enjoyed driving SUVs, I’ve just met my match with the XC90 T8 Plug-in Hybrid.

Q: So, you should be getting a few fines or nothing at all?

A: Exactly, I am very boring for a traffic cop. No drama for me on the road.

Q: We are going on Easter holiday, known for many accidents. What can you say to fellow road users?

A: There’s no two ways to say this – ‘fasten your seat belts and do not drink and drive’.

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