Actor Moshe Ndiki hits back at Musa Khawula after reports he was fired from Gomora

Actor Moshe Ndiki hits back at Musa Khawula after reports he was fired from Gomora

Actor Moshe Ndiki hits back at Musa Khawula after reports he was fired from Gomora

Fight between Musa Khawula and Moshe Ndiki started on Twitter, moved to hands being thrown and it seems has gone back to the streets it started on. From speculation that Ndiki was fired earlier this week, to Musa Khawula gloating. It seemed that Ndiki might be seeing flames on the professional front. But in a series of tweets Ndiki made it clear that not only was he not fired but that he is still getting more bags than one.

By now we should all know that stories by Musa Khawula must be taken with a grain of salt. This is as while he sometimes has quality tea and gossip. Some of his stories are direct cut-and-paste unsupported rumours which are based on pushing numbers rather than telling facts.

Therefore, when it was rumoured that Moshe Ndiki was fired from Gomora due to his nightclub brawl with Khawula in August. Khawula was only too happy to take to the Twitter streets to gloat and suggest that his petition to get Ndiki fired from Gomora was the reason he was given the boot from the show.

However, now it seems that Ndiki waited a few days to let Musa Khawula to think that he has won the entire chess game, only to make it clear that besides being hands-on when dealing with a troll. Ndiki has proved that he can also be petty AF when given the chance. Taking to Twitter recently, his first post made it clear that he was still earning that Gomora bag as he posed up with his fellow cast members as they got their makeup ready for a day of shooting.

To drive the point across, Ndiki returned with another clap back video where he showed off his moves dancing to Beyonce’s Partition. The caption made it clear to everyone that was Team Khawula that they might have signed the petition. But similar to the one signed by all Mihlali Ndamase haters, the petition did not work- but who thought it would?

The rest of the time, Ndiki spent it thanking his followers for welcoming him to Pettyville. A place where all the pettiest live and spend their free time making sure they are on the necks of their favourite troll. It just so happens that Ndiki’s happens to be Musa Khawula.

In order to drive the final nail in the Musa Khawula coffin, Ndiki not only made it clear that his job at Gomora is still safe. But he also went on to make it clear that he is still as booked and busy as ever. His last post showed him catching flights and not feelings. His caption made it clear that he is grateful for his fan base’s support and that anyone who thinks that Khawula was going to be the cause of his downfall is truly mistaken.

All we can say is that we love the drama. Hopefully, the two will continue this social media back and forth. And who knows, maybe we will get to see the two eventually throw hands during one of Cassper Nyovest’s celebrity boxing matches.

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