Actor Israel Matseke-Zulu speaks on his plans after leaving Gomora

Actor Israel Matseke-Zulu speaks on his plans after leaving Gomora

Actor Israel Matseke-Zulu speaks on his plans after leaving Gomora

South African legendary actor Israel Matseke-Zulu, who exited his role as Don in Gomora has revealed that he’s shifted his attention back to kwaito music as he recuperates after losing his leg in 2021.

The former Gomora actor Israel Matseke-Zulu revealed in 2021 that he suffered from gangrene and was forced to have one of his leg amputated.

The illness also saw Matseke-Zulu cut short his popular character Don in the Mzansi Magic award-winning telenovela

The star tells Sunday World that he’s still interested in acting, and has already auditioned four times for different shows.

He’s hoping to land a role where the production company understands that he needs to work shorter hours because of his leg amputation.

“I am working on something else now. Gomora is a question mark for me because I don’t know what will happen to my character. For now, I am focusing on music, and I can’t talk about acting yet,” says Matseke-Zulu.

He adds that he aims to release his new single titled Phihli Phohlo in October to stimulate mass anticipation of his upcoming album in 2023.

This will mark Matseke-Zulu’s third studio album release since the beginning of his music career, according to the outlet.

He hopes to reunite kwaito artists and motivate the younger generation to keep kwaito music culture alive.

“Kwaito music is a Mzansi-founded genre, and this is the kind of music that we should learn to preserve. It stands for who we are as a country. I understand that as time goes by, people want to hear different sounds and there is always space to make it more entertaining for the people to enjoy.”

“I am here to release the sounds we always loved. I am one of the kwaito musicians who are still alive, and I should play my part in preserving the sounds of kwaito,” he says.

Fans of the actor-musician will recall his music career began in 2000 when he worked with late kwaito musician Mandoza on the Yizo Yizo 2 soundtrack, which won Best Album of The Year at the South African Music Awards in 2002.

“In all the years I didn’t release music, it was not because I was lazy. I pushed but the musical journey is hard.”

“My next album is a killer, but it hasn’t been easy recording it because of my condition. Still, it will go out,” he says.

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