Uyajola 9/9: Pastor Wants A Second Wife

Uyajola 9/9: Pastor Wants A Second Wife

Would it even be Uyajola 9/9 if there was litness? We don’t think so.

Last night’s scene was loaded up with such countless bombs, it was almost difficult to simply get up and get a glass of water since you get up, you have missed an entire quarrel and we live for those.

Jub knows this and he gets the task constantly. We love him for that. Last night we met a lady that had been with her significant other for an entire 31 years. They met in 1989 and that is a reality she won’t ever allow the spouse to neglect.

She disclosed to us that they met once upon a time when they were important for ensembles. They were the two choristers and due to the adoration for singing they shared, they calculated that what they had would most likely be enhanced after all they shared something for all intents and purpose.

The lady uncovered that her significant other was blessed as “uMvangeli” in a congregation the two of them joined in and that consequently made her “Mrs Mvangeli” and that accompanied duties that they embraced. Life was useful for some time.

Until uMvangeli chose to begin acting dubiously. He began asking her shave and do things they had never fiddled with in every one of the years they had spent together. She was confounded so she asked Jub for help.

At the point when they went to defy the man, they discovered him in a vehicle with his other woman. Mrs Mvangeli didn’t sit around. She promptly went assaulted the other woman and the other woman would not have it thus she uncovered that she is a functioning lady, striking the very harmony that Mrs Mvangeli had referenced before on about Mvangeli saying that she expected to find a new line of work, something he never disapproved of.

Things took an emotional turn when Mvangeli proclaimed that he has for the longest time been itching to get captured on the grounds that he needs to accept the other woman as a subsequent spouse. Shook was the word composed all over. Jub appeared as though he was totally out of his profundity as he didn’t have a clue how to defy the present circumstance.

These two had effectively been to marriage mentoring yet didn’t complete it. They are both totally insolent to one another and in the wake of having a field day laying their messy clothing for the entire world to see, Mrs Mvangeli finished up and unconcluded that she was going to leave and afterward stay with her significant other. She guaranteed and afterward unclaimed him. It was a wreck. She needed to leave with him yet additionally needed Jub to take her back where they took her. Sooner or later we figured, something should be totally amiss with this lady. Looking totally acquainted with the scene, Mr Mvangeli took out his cigarette and began puffing it away.

Worn out on the insolence, Mr Mvangeli depended on telling the spouse that he will help her out and crash the vehicle and pass on in it. Mrs Mvangeli left us shook when she said that he can kick the bucket, she plays stokvels and has protections to cash out so she will happily cover him. Golly. It was a wreck you all.

How about we observe again next Sunday on channel 157 Moja Love at 21:00.

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