5 Times AKA’s Girlfriend Neli Tembe Proved She Is Goals!

5 Times AKA’s Girlfriend Neli Tembe Proved She Is Goals!

5 Times AKA's Girlfriend Neli Tembe Proved She Is Goals!

AKA’s girlfriend Neli Tembe is goals, and she always has his bae’s back. The Durbanite has been romantically linked with the rapper for over 8 years now, and their love is all sorts of inspiration to many people.

The lovebirds recently left many social media users breathing through the wound when they took over Cape Town for a much-needed relaxation time after AKA finished his much anticipated upcoming project Bhovamania.

Although Neli chooses to remain private about a lot of things she is very committed to supporting her bae and we stan!

5 Times she proved she is goals!

1 She is a great cook.

There is nothing more sweeter than having a makoti who knows how to prepare a scrumptious meal. In a Tik Tok video they recently did, they revealed that Nelli’s culinary skills are better than those of her counterpart.

The couple is no stranger to romantic dates and every time they head out they make sure their dates are sizzling and they have many salivating, proving that they know finer things in life.

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Finally … done and dusted. #BHOVAMANIA 💜🐺 coming soon.

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2. Neli is very private.

There are some people who dates famous celebs and also want to be famous by publicizing their affair, but Neli does not conform to that. Instead, she is super private. The beauty’s Instagram account is private and she has more than 6 000 followers.

3 She is very supportive and she did not initiate the first kiss.

Proving that she is leading in the romance department, she is always supporting her partner. AKA recently gushed over her after he revealed that she helped him beat the novel coronavirus.

Neli has also appeared on AKA’s music video Cross My Heart making sure that they final product impresses her bae. The couple also once revealed that they are at the” I love you” stage but still confused on who said the words.

They also revealed that AKA initiated the first kiss proving that Neli does not rush things.

  1. She is very patient.

In a Tik Tok video the couple revealed that Neli is very patient while the Fela Versace hit maker is very romantic and is the one to swallow his pride and say sorry first whenever there is a conflict.

  1. She has some great dance moves.

Having a bae who is a rapper means that you also need to do some dance moves with him especially to keep his legion of fans entertained and Neli does not have a problem with that. The couple recently showcased their footwork and it was beautiful to watch them.

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