DJ Fresh And Euphonik Rape Accuser Details What Happened That Night

DJ Fresh And Euphonik Rape Accuser Details What Happened That Night

Sunday World professes to be in control of an assertion composed by DJ Fresh and Euphonik’s assault informer. The nitty gritty articulation uncovers how she met the two buddies and how she and her companions wound up being in a gathering with them where the supposed assault episode occurred.

The one who is from Pretoria asserted that the two DJs sedated and assaulted her and three different ladies at a gathering in an undisclosed territory. She had since opened an assault case subsequent to confronting significant reaction from online media clients. The casualty whose Twitter handle is @Nampree, which isn’t her genuine name, opened the assault case at Sunnyside Police Station evidently a week ago.

As indicated by the assertion she was cited by Sunday World saying she met the two well known DJ’s at House 22 Club in the year 2011. She was visiting a companion who worked at the said spot and who was companions with DJ Fresh. The said companion at that point welcomed her alongside a couple of different ladies to new’s after gathering where beverages were shared.

On appearance she professes to have seen Fresh blending with two different females, and afterward she continued to snatch a beverage, all the more explicitly Hunters Dry.

The informer at that point passed out however when she woke up she recollects that her body was in agony and that she felt like somebody had infiltrated her. Anyway in her assertion she says that there was no blood. Before she could wake different females, the DJs chuckled at how smashed they were and that they needed to convey them to bed.

On Twitter the one who needed to take uneasiness medicine to ‘uncover’ the DJ’s said at the hour of the episode she was a virgin.

“@DJFreshSA and @euphonik will you actually recognize medicating me and further assaulting me? I was finished sedated I don’t (know) regardless of whether you BOTH assaulted me or 1 of you did and you later chuckled about it the following daytime saying we (me and 3 young ladies) were so smashed we continued passing out yet nasidlwengula (you assaulted us)” she tweeted. “To make sure you know? I was a virgin when you all did that to me.”

New professed to not have the foggiest idea about the lady, “This is all so odd, accounting for myself about an individual I don’t even know!!!!” Euphonik just said that they are quietly sitting tight for a case number, suggesting that they also have made a legitimate move, “Greetings @SAPoliceService not certain who we can converse with but rather we’re hanging tight for a case number and energetically foreseeing subtleties. Much obliged to you.”

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