Media Personality Khabodacious turns 40 today

Media Personality Khabodacious turns 40 today

Khabonina Qubeka is one of South Africa’s most loved media personalities. The star started her career as a dancer and choreographer and throughout the years, she has managed to solidify herself as a yogi and bonafide actress.

Today Khabonina turns 40 and she’s already in a celebratory mode.

She was brought into the world on 22 February in 1981 in Soweto. Khabonina rose to noticeable quality when she showed up on Muvhango in 2006 where she played the personality of Doobsie. Her ability on screen saw her property parts on The Wild and Isidingo. In 2010 she delivered a collection named ‘Gama Lakho’.

The mother of one anyway is one who stays consistent with herself and here are a few minutes when she had individuals talking. At the point when Khabonina was requesting for R40 million for her placenta

Television entertainer and wellness master Khabonina came out firearms bursting when she put the emergency clinic where she brought forth her girl on impact. Obviously her placenta was purportedly arranged without her assent at the Life Bedford Gardens Hospital and she was not satisfied about it.

The entertainer, who conceived an offspring in 2018, had made all necessary endorsements for the medical clinic to protect her placenta, however the emergency clinic neglected to adhere to the arrangement.

Khabonina clarified that she felt her privileges were disregarded in light of the fact that she needed to save her placenta for social, instructive, and business purposes. Nonetheless, because of the emergency clinic’s carelessness her desires have been abused.

The star put any misinformation to rest and this is what occurred.

Khabonina’s girl responds to the Sister Betina melody

Indeed, even today when that melody is played, individuals actually love it and they depression to it. The melody has stood the trial of time and has been named Mzansi’s public song of devotion. In any case, it appears somebody was simply not dazzled by the hit. Khabonina was playing Sister Betina for all to hear and chiming in to it, however her little girl was apparently not dazzled by the melody and didn’t get the publicity around it.


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Khabonina makes a rebound on Dijo le Bophelo

Seeing that she’s a wellness master, Khabonina loves to remain fit and offer exhortation to others that need to follow a similar solid way of life. In 2020, the SABC reported that it was bringing back ‘Dijo le Bophilo’ back on screen with Khabonina as the host.

She remains fit and solid and her stances consistently leave many shocked. Would you be able to do the Khabonina present?

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